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NuVista San Jose, aside from providing affordable housing units, also offers a range of amenities for its residents. For instance, you do not have to fret about the security in the place. Aside from being located in a low-crime area, NuVista also employs a team of highly trained security personnel to make sure that the entire community is safe and that no intruders can slip inside the walls. Speaking of the walls, the entire NuVista community is completely enclosed by a high concrete fence, which is more than enough to deter prospective intruders from trying to gain illegal entry.

Besides the security guards, there are also a couple of CCTV cameras positioned in strategic places around the community. There is one camera that permanently monitors all of the cars and people that are entering the community via the main gate, so even if something did manage to escape the watchful eyes of the security guards, you can be sure that they are caught by the cameras.

All the roads crisscrossing the community are all paved and smooth so you can also use them as a jogging path. In addition, the roads are all wide enough to allow access to large emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks. The community also gets its water supply via a water tower that is placed just high enough to provide the right amount of water pressure to all the houses.

Inside NuVista, you will find the usual amenities that you can find in almost every other community, like a covered basketball court where you and your friends can hang out and shoot a couple of hoops. There are also several small playgrounds where you can take your young children so they can play with the other neighborhood kids. The NuVista San Jose also has its own Catholic Chapel inside the compound so you do not have to go far for Sunday worship services.

The community also has its own spacious clubhouse, located right in the middle of NuVista San Jose. The clubhouse is surrounded by a lush landscaped garden, and there are several benches inside so you can go there and hang out and shoot the breeze with your neighborhood friends. You can also rent out the clubhouse for when you need space for parties and gatherings.

Although the amenities might seem basic at first glance (there are no swimming pools, commercial establishments, and others), you do need to take into consideration that NuVista San Jose is more interested in providing affordable houses instead of making an exclusive executive village. Yes, the amenities are quite basic, but you need to be realistic in your expectations. You can get a house and lot for less than a million pesos in NuVista San Jose, so you should not be looking for the kind of amenities that you can find in villages where the houses sell for more than six times that amount.

  • Basketball Court 
  • Church
  • Clubhouse
  • Landscaped Main Entrance
  • Main Entrance Gate
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